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A Great Lawn Improves Your Property
Lawn sprinkler installation can be a cost-effective way to water your lawn and keep it looking great.  A lush, green lawn not only looks good, but it also adds value to your property. At Parkway Sod and Sprinkler of Tea, SD, we go the extra mile to meet not only the expectations of our clients but also our own high standards as your sod contractor. This is because we understand that a great-looking yard is an investment that will pay dividends for years to come.

The Grass Really is Greener Here!

Where to buy sod in Sioux falls,  SD?  Since 1993, we’ve been providing clients with reliable sod for sale in the Sioux Falls area. This includes grass sod for sale for the do-it-yourself installer, as well as sod installation. Our sod installation services do include tear out and haul off services. We also provide fine grading and can expertly patch green sod into existing turf areas for a seamless look. We highly recommend you hire Parkway Sod and Sprinkler for your SD Sod and to do your Lawn irrigation. No lawn care job is too big or too small for Parkway Sod and Sprinkler. Contact us today for more information!






Sioux Falls Sprinkler Installation

Underground Sprinkler Installation Sioux Falls SD

Get a Great Looking Lawn

The purpose of installing a sprinkler system is to build a lawn that is lush and green, ultimately removing brown patches or bare spots. In order to produce and maintain such a lawn, lawn irrigation is a must. Lawn Irrigation efficiency is the measure of how evenly a sprinkler system distributes water. A highly efficient lawn sprinkler system will distribute the ideal amount of water evenly throughout the turf area. Thankfully, we offer efficient sprinkler systems and installation for anyone in the Sioux Falls area.

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How Often Should I Run my Sprinkler System?

The frequency with which you should water your lawn is determined by a variety of factors. These include the type of grass, soil composition, and weather conditions. For example, if your lawn is a drought-resistant variety or has sandy soil that drains quickly, you may only need to water it once or twice a week. On the other hand, if your lawn has thick and dense roots that need more moisture to stay cool during hot summer days, you may want to water it three times per week.

Irrigation Repair

Irrigating your lawn is very important. Not only does it keep it looking green and healthy, but it also helps to prevent weed growth and maintain the soil’s moisture. If you’re having problems with your lawn irrigation, don’t worry! We can help. Our team of experts are experienced in repairing and maintaining lawn irrigation systems of all kinds.

If you need irrigation repair on your lawn, give us a call today!

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Save Money on Water Bills

A standard lawn sprinkler system, which fastens to a hose that is attached to a hydrant, might seem like an affordable solution to watering your lawn. However, it may actually prove to be more costly than a professionally installed underground irrigation system when one considers how little control a standard yard sprinkler system offers. Because underground sprinkler systems from Parkway Sod and Sprinkler deliver the ultimate in irrigation efficiency, they use less water, which translates into smaller water bills. Best of all, you won’t have to move that cumbersome hose! Contact us today to get your underground outdoor sprinkler system installed to save money later on!

What Lawn Irrigation Services Do We Offer?

Lawn irrigation is the term used to describe the process of water delivery to a landscape or lawn through specially designed underground pipes and sprinkler heads. Irrigation systems can be fixed or portable, and are often customized for the needs of the specific landscape. Lawn irrigation is an important part of maintaining a healthy landscape, as it ensures that plants receive an adequate amount of water, promoting vigorous growth and preventing drought-related damage.

There are different types of lawn irrigation systems that can be used depending on the size and location of your yard. Some common types are:
Sprinkler Systems: They distribute water in a circular pattern over a large area.

Soaker Hoses: These are long, thin hoses that lay flat on the ground and release water at a slow rate into the soil.

Drip Systems: These systems deliver water slowly through small holes or emitters that are installed in the ground near plants.

Does a Sprinkler System Increase my Home’s Value?

Sellers and buyers of course take into account the curb appeal of each home they’re listing or selling. When buying a home, landscaping can play a major role in whether or not the buyer wants to purchase the property. If they decide they’d rather save the energy than improve the landscaping themselves or hire a contractor, they’d be more likely to pass on buying. Though, if the buyer sees the yard has been cared for, especially with a sprinkler system, they’d be more likely to purchase closer to the asking price. In short, as the irrigation system helps luscious green grass grow into a healthy and full-looking lawn, this can indirectly help increase your property’s value. 




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