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Fresh Sod Installation Lawn Services Sioux Falls

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As one of the leading sod companies in South Dakota, we understand the importance of buying quality grass sod and hiring a professional sod installer to ensure your yard will be as functional as it is beautiful. Because sod establishes quickly, it will take root and be ready for full use a couple of weeks after being put down. After we install your sod, check out our other lawn care services like lawn irrigation systems. Our sprinkler installation services will keep your lawn looking lush and green. Grass sod is perfect for homes, businesses, schools, parks, golf courses, and more. Below, browse through just some of the perks that come with our sod installation:




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Kentucky Bluegrass Sod Installation

Sod Grown for Our Climate

Our sod is a Kentucky bluegrass triple blend. That type of sod has been tested to perform well in southeast South Dakota’s extreme weather conditions. This blend greens up early in the season, flourishes late into the fall, and can be put down any time the soil is malleable. Not all grass sod companies are the same—contact Parkway Sod and Sprinkler to learn more!

Fresh Sod Installation Sioux Falls SD

Cut Fresh Sod

We back up our sod with a 1-year warranty. At 12 to 18 months old, it is young, yet weed-free and hardy. Our crews cut our grass sod fresh the day it is installed, which allows roots to quickly set down if given the proper attention. A Parkway sod contractor can help you pick the best plan for your lawn.

Expert Sod Installation Sioux Falls

Expertly Installed Sod

With over 26 years of experience, the landscape contractors at Parkway Sod and Sprinkler have developed an efficient process that enables us to lay an entire lawn in mere hours. Your new sod will be fresh, vigorous, even, extremely durable, and won’t cost an arm and a leg. Contact us today for a free estimate on your project or to discuss sod installation in the Sioux Falls, SD area.

Is Kentucky Bluegrass Good for Lawns?

In short, yes. The ability to withstand cold climates during the winter makes this bluegrass an excellent option for South Dakota. Every year, the perennial Kentucky bluegrass will come back strong after winter. The time you’ll see this cool-season grass at its strongest is typically fall and spring.

Fresh Sod Installation Lawn Services Sioux Falls

Is Kentucky Bluegrass Seed Easy To Grow?

Yes, Kentucky bluegrass seed is easy to grow. One of the reasons Kentucky bluegrass is common and practical is the ease to grow and maintain. To grow the best bluegrass, we’re sure to follow recommendations. We plant the bluegrass between 1/4″ to 1/2″, and we utilize three pounds of seed per 1,000 square feet. As it’s a cool-season grass, it’s rather weather resistant to the winters we experience. This makes Kentucky bluegrass seed a great option for our South Dakota climate.

Fresh Sod Installation Lawn Services Sioux Falls

Will Kentucky Bluegrass Choke Out Weeds?

 Yes. An optimally fertilized and planted bluegrass lawn is fast-spreading after germination, and will overtake and choke out most weeds around the lawn. If your lawn has weed issues, we emphasize the best nitrogen fertilization practices during growing season. Watering the seed is also a crucial part to the best growth of the seed, and we recommend to water the grass at a rate of 1 or 2 inches per week. 

How Often Should you Fertilize Kentucky Bluegrass?

 Once your lawn is actively growing, it is best practice to fertilize lightly in the springtime. During the fall months, we recommend applying a bit more fertilizer. During the growing season, every 6 to 8 weeks is a good time frame to aim for when fertilizing the bluegrass. If you notice your Kentucky Bluegrass is growing slower, looking more yellow than normal, or is starting to grow weeds, don’t be afraid to lay the fertilizer a little thicker next time. It’s important to keep in mind that adding too much fertilizer can harm your lawn.

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