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Sod & Sprinkler Installation Services Tea Sioux Falls

Lawn Sprinkler System Contractor Offering Sod and Irrigation System Installation

Parkway Sod and Sprinkler (aka Dakotaland Sod) is the premier sod installation company and sprinkler installation provider throughout the greater Sioux Falls, South Dakota region. Since 1993, we have been performing superior quality lawn care services, such as sprinkler installation, hydroseeding, irrigation services, and grass sod installation.

As a lawn sprinkler system contractor, we serve both commercial and residential clients. At Parkway Sod and Sprinkler, we take great pride in approaching each and every project with fair, upfront front pricing, superior quality products, and unmatched workmanship. If you’re ready to make your yard the envy of the neighborhood, please contact us today.



One of South Dakota’s Largest Grass Sod Companies

New Lawns Sod & Sprinkler Installation Sioux Falls

Sod Installation & New Lawns

Whether you are trying to establish a new lawn or simply wish to improve an existing one, Parkway Sod and Sprinkler can help. With our sod installation services, we guarantee your yard will have a professional, lush look. Furthermore, your yard will have fewer bare spots and require less water than grass you grow on your own! When you get a lawn plan from Parkway, you get results you can actually see. 

Sod & Sprinkler Services Sioux Falls SD

Grass Sod Services

Parkway Sod and Sprinkler sells lush, healthy sod harvested straight from the field for DIY projects. Our sod is specifically grown to thrive in the Sioux Falls, SD area. At Parkway Sod and Sprinkler, we can blend new installations with the existing turf. Additionally, we can professionally install underground sprinkler systems. We also offer fine grading and tear-off and haul away services. If you have any questions about sod installation or irrigation, we’re always happy to answer!

Hydroseeding Services Sioux Falls South Dakota


Hydroseeding provides a quick, cost-effective solution to revive poorly maintained lawns. It can also establish grass in newly constructed yards. This lawn care process involves applying a slurry of seeds, fertilizer, and mulch to an area to reduce erosion while nurturing vibrant, green grass.

lawn irrigation Company laying sod

Affordable Grass Sod, Irrigation System & Sprinkler Installation

Grass sod, or lawn installation, is an important service that helps to keep your property looking well-manicured. By installing sod, you get an instant lawn that is lush and green. Sprinkler installation can also be added to ensure that the new lawn gets the water it needs to stay healthy. A well-maintained lawn can add value to your home and can be a great place for you and your family to relax in the sun or during a barbeque.

If you’re in need of a brand new lawn, give us a call! We not only offer sod installation services, but also irrigation system installation and repairs.

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